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What started as a thought and a few messages to a few people. When Eminem dropped his single for “Detroit VS Everybody” it came to my mind, San Antonio has big enough artists that there is no reason we do not do the same. Then I started seeing a “New York VS Everybody” being done by French Montana then Snoop Dogg showed “LA VS Everybody“. I started hitting up artists with messages. After asking a few people with in the city, hey who do you think are the top 10 artists doing something out here. I had my mind on a good handful but wanted more. After making my list, I started hitting up each artists individually letting them know my plan but to keep it on the hush. As I did not want someone to take my plan and over saturate it. After getting confirmation from each artists, came planning. Finding a studio to get everyone in to record and then getting it over to Ace-1 Productions for mixing and mastering. Once the song was finished and mixed and mastered. Ricky O of ThatRaw and I got together on scenes for the video and finding locations to shoot and planning it with each artist. That alone was a task in itself. Getting all the artists from one track to be in one location all at the same time on two separate locations around their schedules was fun.

In the end the product came out just as hoped. Have a great sounding record, with a high definition video and a support team to back it all up. I want to take this time out to thank each and every artists that participated in this record: Chelsea G, Ty-One, Spark Da Beast, Gabe Locc, Richie Branson, Dubbamane, IQ, Warna, LIL Pooh, Tony Stacks, & So San Antone. With out each and everyone of you this project stood no chance.

This is the first project of many planned to come, that will showcase our city.

You can download the track at the official Soundcloud page for #SanAntonioVSEverybody. Please share the record, share the video, download the song.

Let us know what you think about the record. Remember all support is good support. We are no where near finished.