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Alyssa Rosales and Her Dog..

I’m sure if you’re on Facebook and Twitter, you’re aware of the whole Alyssa Rosales shit with her dog right?

I first thought it was a hoax until I clicked on the link.. yes, I guess I’m a sick fuck right? Anywhoooooo… she assists the dog into mounting her and provides direction for its “you know what” into her “you know who” and providing a “happy ending” for the bulldog as well.

The first thing I notice is that so called Alyssa is actually a bit of “alright”! I wouldn’t think twice about wanting to be a dog hanging out the back of her. Then I notice the setup…looks real enough right…maybe! I then notice shes done this before…there’s no way you’d fuck a dog for the first time and do it with so much “enjoyment”.

Supposedly, the tampon girl Giovanni Plowman finds the video “disgusting”. Bitch, didn’t you eat your used tampon?? Fuck this generation..

If you like fucking dogs……see how much you like hepatitis!!!

also…if you do know the real Alyssa..let me know, so i can dress up like a dog!!!

Click HERE for all you nasty fuckers!! We’re working on trying to get in contact with the REAL Alyssa.. The popularized picture isn’t her. So, as soon as I can get the info..