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80 Year Old Nun Is Charged With Trafficking Babies!

This is a sure sign that you can’t trust anyone these days, even the church! A NUN is now facing charges in a massive baby trafficking ring that stole newborn babies from desolate mothers and then sold them into adoption.

Sisters of Charity nun, Sister Maria Gomez Valbuena, is believed to be a part of a nationwide baby-snatching ring dating back 40 years! A group of more than 1,000 families said she was part the ring which also involved hundreds of doctors, nurses, priests, nuns and midwives who schemed to convince poor or unwed mothers their babies had died at birth. This was all done for financial gain.

The babies were then sold to families looking to adopt, and the child’s birth papers were doctored, the group said.
Lawyers say Catholic priests and nuns acted as middlemen, paying hospitals workers for babies and then selling them to desperate families.

As if the huge molestation that had been going on at Church wasn’t bad enough, now they’re stealing kids and selling them?? Nothing against the holy spirits but, WHAT THE FUCK???? How does this happen? How do the “holiest” people do this yet frown upon others?? This is nuts.. I hope these shits get what’s coming to em.

I read from another online news source that this nun committed her crime over a period of 30 years. So the question is, what in the hell were the Spanish police and court judges doing all these years? Sitting on their hands for 30 years? The behavior of the Spanish society where the catholic church is involved, is no different than the Irish society. The little children were being raped and sodomized in catholic orphanages by catholic priests and the whole Irish society pretended nothing happened.

If I was the judge, I would ask that the nun remove her dentures and allow me to break it with a hammer then I’d drop kick the bitch in her fuckin temple for that fuck shit she pulled!!!!