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Man Offers Soulja Boy $25,000 To Retire

A Glendale California man is so irritated with the music Soulja Boy makes, that he is pledging $25,000 for the Atlanta rapper to stay away from the booth for good. According to reports, the man named Kyle Burgens, described as a financial adviser for an investment firm in Los Angeles says the ‘Crank Dat’ rapper is a detriment to the community and has single-handedly set hip hop back 20 years.

He’s so serious he’s shown media outlets a legally binding contract and a written check in Soulja Boy’s name. Soulja, who’s no stranger to controversy and criticism, was unavailable for comment. In reaction to the news, fans have to wonder if Soulja Boy is worth $25,000 to retire, how much would Lil B go for?

I cannot believe someone would even consider giving this dude more money! Soulja is the upmost WORST artist EVER as associated with his label mate Lil B.

When I was in H.S. and I heard this slim fucks song “Crank Dat” I punched my stereo for allowing some bullshit like that to leak out my speakers. I don’t see how this fool has not gotten his ass beat..