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  • #NewIlluminati Episode 8

    #NewIlluminati Episode 8

    Tune in this week with Polomarvin and TheNames J-Boi as they speak with their guest Avar The Star. Listen as he talks about his work with the community, events he is a part of. How he feels about people discussing him and issues in the past and how he has maintained.

  • #NewIlluminati Podcast Episode 7

    #NewIlluminati Podcast Episode 7

    With so much to talk about this week with their guest, TheNames JBoi & Polomarvin just jump right into the swing of things with their guest King Kyle Lee. Listen to him as he discusses his situation that brought him to San Antonio as well as what introduced him to music out here. He addresses […]

  • #NewIlluminati Podcast Episode 6

    #NewIlluminati Podcast Episode 6

    Tune in this week as TheNames JBoi & Polomarvin speak on general topics starting with NBA’s All-Star Weekend, Kanye West’s new album The Life of Pablo , and Kendrick Lamar’s performance on The Grammy Awards. Then they bring in their weekly guest Tony Stacks also known as Hello New America and his clothing line Cru […]

  • #NewIlluminati Podcast Episode 5

    #NewIlluminati Podcast Episode 5

    Tune in this week as TheNames J-Boi and Polomarvin talk on the Super Bowl and the uproar on Cam Newton stepping away from the press conference. Then they talk about the final game for Kobe Bryant against the San Antonio Spurs inside the AT&T Center. They also touch on the Ciara issue with Future and […]

  • #NewIlluminati Podcast episode 4

    #NewIlluminati Podcast episode 4

    Tune in this week as Polomarvin & J-Boi talk to Mr. So San Antone himself. Listen to him talk about the early days of Cocked & Locked Records. His views on artists in the city. His upcoming projects.

  • #NewIlluminati Podcast Episode 3

    #NewIlluminati Podcast Episode 3

    Tune in this week with J-Boi & Polomarvin as they discuss the crisis currently going on in Flint, MI. How rapper The Game showed screenshots of him donating $500,000.00 of his own personal money to send bottled water. They also touch on current incarcerated rapper C-Murder of No Limit Records brother of Master P and […]

  • #NewIlluminati Podcast Episode 2

    #NewIlluminati Podcast Episode 2

    Back again for episode 2 of the #NewIlluminati Podcast with TheNames JBoi & Polomarvin. Listen this week as the open up talking about the Meek Mill diss song towards 50 Cent and how 50 fires back with a barrage of Instagram memes. They also touch on Future’s mixtape Purple Reign which they feel was strategically […]

  • #NewIlluminati Podcast Episode 1

    #NewIlluminati Podcast Episode 1

    Tune in as ThatRaw’s / New Illuminati’s own TheNames JBoi and Polomarvin talk about #TheNewSAcietyVol2 showcase that took place January 8th. Listen as the chime in on each artists performance along as well as what the two have to say about the local San Antonio music scene.

  • Promo Shoot with Karen Vi & Jena Frumes

    Promo Shoot with Karen Vi & Jena Frumes

    ThatRaw.com linked up with Karen Vi and Jena Frumes at Malibu Beach, CA this past week. Here is a short promo that we put together for them.